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Life in Your Space | Canyon Gate

11/1/2017 | Camilla Granasen
Malissa Mabey

Envision leaving our bright and salty lights behind for a quick breeze of a [20-minute] drive up Parley's Canyon. At Promontory North Gate, you leave the freeway, and everything slows a bit. A deer or two crosses the road. Not to worry--this is just the unhurried pace of the good life.


We've said it before, but it bears repeating: this home was meticulously planned to maximize the views. Every room has its vista, and the massive, panoramic window in the living room can only be described as hypnotic. 

If it's true that the heart of a home is the kitchen, then this space delivers in spades. The cabinets have been placed just so, enabling you to prepare, cook, and clean while breathing in those aforementioned views. (Oh, and just to be sure you're covered, this house has TWO kitchens.) This is a home that can accommodate an array of shenanigans, no question. From big, booming upstairs parties to raucous games in the basement or quiet contemplation and majestic sunsets from the main suite deck.


Yes, right through the back yard. Soothing, soft, bubbling sounds, that--as it so happens--can be heard throughout the entire home, if you wish. Yup...just the flick of a switch and you've got yourself a seriously-Calgon moment.

 whatever your pleasure, this house is the measure.

See the full listing with information here or contact Corigan Kushma at 435.770.8783 for a private showing.

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