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Life in Your Space | 4th Ave

11/28/2017 | Paris Thomas
Josh Scheuerman

Here's the thing about this home: put simply, it flows smoothly with the mood of pretty much any gathering (which, in turn, will contribute to said gathering in the most positive of ways). Looking to host an intimate dinner out on the front patio? Just string a few Italian bulbs and the warmth will follow. Or maybe something lighter...a wee mixer with your pals. There are views for that. The entire main floor has a keen ability to read the room and set the tone.

the house is the life of the party.

As seen below, the main floor opens up to endless possibilities in this space, but the upstairs serves as the perfect antithesis to hosting. It's a hide-away and oasis with the kind of natural lighting that will have you holed up in a corner nook, reading all your favorites...or shamelessly snapping a never-ending line of perfectly-lit selfies. Speaking of ideal nooks, you'll find a spacious tub in one of them, perched beneath a skylight (clear night, hot bath, red wine, star gazing...where do we sign?). The roomy bedrooms all have views, too. 

We love the balance in this home.

We'd be kind of remiss if we left out one of the most important (and clichéd...we know) tenets of real estate on this one -- that is, location3. This place is a rock's toss (synonyms!) from all things Avenues, and you're mere minutes (like, one) from Memory Grove. Five bucks in a Lyft will get you downtown, too (but you could easily walk).

See the full listing with information here or contact Paris Thomas at 801.599.9273 for a private showing.

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