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Field Notes: On Valentine's Day

2/1/2017 | Jewel Maxfield

Field Notes: No Need for Pity, Fall in Love with Your City

Valentines Day is nearing, pals, and the atmosphere is abuzz with equal parts love and bitterness. While many of us look forward to the Hallmark-ridden sentiment and office-wide flower delivery dog-n-pony show, there are just as many who aren’t in the damn mood right now. We can’t blame either side, really…we’ve been aboard the love boat and the sinking ship. Ultimately, though, we’re COLLECTIVELY all about holidays (you know we love celebrating). So, with V-Day just 4 away, we’re curating our list of love songs and ever-so-carefully readying the mixtape with a pencil, finger poised over the pause button so that the transition from “Lady in Red” to “All My Life” is as smooth as the vocals on both. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romance, but about all the shit we love. Yourself…your homies…those beers in the ‘fridge that you snuck in from Idaho. You can celebrate however in the hell you like in this fantastic city of ours. Take a hike or take a nap. Make a bowl of cereal or some reservations at your favorite local restaurant.

You can’t screw it up if you treat yourself (or others) to something a little special. 

Anything goes, man. But if you’re low on ideas, allow us to hold our boom box high and share a quick playlist of V-Day options:

1. Clean your plate. As far as eateries go, Park City’s not short on fare, but it’s hard to top Handle (136 Heber Ave.). In our COLLECTIVE opinion, you should already have reservations. A few noteworthy pubs (Architectural Digest, for one…maybe you’ve heard of it?) have recently featured Handle in their own Sundance guides, and they weren’t wrong. If it’s too tough to get in, however, there are still options: we also recommend the terrazzo-clad, Italian medallion that is Grappa (151 Main), or the red meat and piano bar medley at Prime (804 Main).

2. Haute date. Myriad clothing shops dot Main Street Park City, and you can browse for everything from specialty socks to fine furs and sparkly baubles for your best night out (for which we recommend Farasha at 605 Main, #202). But for threads of a more casual kind, make an effort to pop into Hathenbruck (136 Heber Ave, #108). Brands like Filsen, Won Hundred, Pendleton, and Levi’s, strewn artfully about the perfectly curated shop, along with stone-cold jewelry, legit eyewear, and a few photography books. In other words, you’re all set.

 3. Caffeinate. Should you find yourself jonesing for a warm cuppa, you ought to skedaddle to Ritual Chocolate (1105 Iron Horse Dr.) Sure, you can get a cup of sensational Pink Elephant coffee, but you also get the pleasure of insanely good chocolate in all its forms; hot cocoa, nibs, bars that range from fruity and floral to intensely rich. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, they also offer tours for your ethnobotany enlightenment and tasting delight, but reservations are required, so snap to it.

4. Stay up late. Obviously, the Sundance night life is not lacking. Stop in to most any Park City bar and you’re likely to find a smorgasbord of celebs, locals, and silver screen sycophants, all happily slamming steins together in celebratory anticipation of another great day of films. Nevertheless, our suggestion for unwinding–or getting buck–at the end of a frenzied day is OP Rockwell (268 Main). The cocktails are inspired and the vibe divine, and the dance floor here is dizzying in the best way. Not into dancing? Head to High West (703 Park Ave.) for whiskey the likes of which will haunt your dreams on the regular (it’s also worth noting that their dinner is sensationally savory). Cheers, guys.

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