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You know those early summer days when the light is just right, the temps are sublime, and the backyard beckons you to stay out long past when the streetlights come on? We can personally attest...

This is the place you want to be for them.

Though the nature of the interior is entirely charming and utterly welcoming, this outdoor space is the kind that begs you to be out in it as long as possible. With both covered and uncovered gathering areas, over a quarter acre of greenery, and a fire pit, this place is serving up outdoor vibes with a side of city life. And, as the steadfast fans of eating, drinking, and merry-making that we are, we were happy to take full advantage of this patio for a salute to the summer days to come.

Pour another glass...stay awhile.

See, when you have a spot like this—with just the right amount of space both inside and out—it’s sort of hard not to invite your people over to share it with you. Dinner, drinks, and delightful fireside conversation…it’s a home conducive to all of the above. Want a slice for your own? Best to keep your eyes on the site for details to come.

For more information, contact the listing agent here or call 801.718.5555.

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