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Judging by our affinity for (and borderline obsession with) the homes, ‘hoods, and beautiful folks of Salt Lake City, you could probably tell that we’re a bit partial to her. And that’s because, as we’ve mentioned a time or two before, we’re a locally-owned and operated business. Utah is our jam, and though our headquarters are located smack-dab in the middle of SLC, make no mistake–we work from Provo to Ogden to Park City on the regularYeah, yeah, we’ve said it before, but let’s let that sit for a minute: we’re 100% local. We are not owned by some larger, nationally-operated brokerage (bet you can think of a dozen right now), nor are we a company that was started locally before being bought up by a national chain, rocketing us to 200x our original size. We’re just us. cityhomeCOLLECTIVE. See downtown SLC in the photo below? That’s us–just a titch to the right, waving frantically from the black, marble building with impeccable style and infinite good vibes. Our crew (which has come to SLC from both just-down-the-street and far and wide) all live locally, and what you see on the pages of this blog is our entire staff. We were started, from the ground up, by our fearless leader Cody Derrick, from absolute scratch, and from there, we’ve built a network of thousands. We’ve sold loads of homes to and for our client family these last 11 years, and we’re in no mood to stop anytime soon. Our business is based largely on referrals, and we think that speaks volumes.

Not only do we adore our clients and readers, love helping them find their spaces, sell their homes faster and for more moneyand charge the same as just about err’body else, but get this: because we’re local, every dime spent buying or selling a home with cityhomeCOLLECTIVE stays right here in our rapidly-growing community. Supporting SLC’s economy is hugely important to not only achieving growth, but maintaining our stellar sense of authenticity, which is why we’re constantly shouting the praises of our other local business brothers and sisters in arms. Starting a business from scratch is a challenge (to say the least), and creating a successful one is only possible with buckets of blood, sweat, tears, and a whole lotta love. Buy, sell, design–we do it all happily, and we do it from right here.



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Updates + Love Notes
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