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Brew + ‘Q, 2016 | All That Love…

  • October 19, 2016


    There goes another one. Just like that. Months of planning and plotting, and boom. It’s done.

    Sure, we’re a little bummed that it’s all over, but gawd, it was all so worth it. Our 4th Annual Brew + ‘Q was, in no uncertain terms, the perfect kind of success. Friends, neighbors, clients, followers, and general Salt Lake City-lovin’ folk, alike, showed up for three hours of fun the old fashioned way. Thanks, in large part, to some hard working CHC employees and a few local businesses that we want to hug so hard that they pop, we hope you all left feeling so very loved. Said local businesses are at the top of our good karma list right now, and we have every intention of giving back however we can. To be clear:

    1) Uinta Brewery: You know what you did. We know what you did. And because of it, our people got to enjoy some of our city’s best brews on the house. May your suds make you millions. Our humblest ‘thanks,’ and a hearty cheers to you good people.

    2) Mountain West Hard Cider: Good cider is a difficult thing to come by, but you folks delivered, and our folks were thrilled. You’re every bit as sweet and bubbly as that which you make, and by Ruby, we’ll recommend you to every hard-apple lovin’ human we encounter. ¡Salud!

    3) Saturday’s Waffle: Every damn year. Consistency never felt so good….so warm and sweet, so drenched in strawberries and balsamic joy. This party wouldn’t be what it is without your sweet talents. Name the favors, and we’re yours. This debt runs deep.

    4) Beer Bar: There’s really never a question as to whether people want what you’ve got. We were like, “bring it,” and you were like, “oh, it’s already been brat’n.” Puns aside, though…we love your guts. Heh. But really…you saved our bacon. And we love you for it.

    5) Black’s Sliders: We’ll assume that crazy-long line that formed promptly at 7:00pm speaks volumes for what you were serving up last Friday night. A slider is a thing of beauty, and it would seem you’ve mastered your craft. Thanks heaps for grillin’ and chillin’ and serving smiles.

    6) PJK’s Creamery: Between that adorable cart, the cutest scoopers in pink polos, and the flavors you brought, you can count us head-over-heels in lurve. We’ll assume the same for everyone that tried your scoops. Story coming soon…you’re our stone-cold favorites.

    7) Trestle Tavern: Here’s to savory, soft goodness, wrapped around itself in a sort of edible hug. We’re fans of both sides of your menu, but for the sake of beer and a good time, you gave the people what they wanted. Patriotism is a good pretzel. And we salute you.

    Of course, there are many unnamed heroes that helped to make the night a smashing success (beer and ice run goers, ice chest donors, electric light hangers, and flower arrangers, to name a few). The Brew + ‘Q, much like this here company, is the fruits of many-a labor. A COLLECTIVE effort, if you will. As with all the things we do, we couldn’t have done this without all of you.

    Many thanks, tons of love, and we’ll see you next year.

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