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In a place with as limited real estate as Park City’s Main Street, getting creative with square footage is more “prerequisite” than “innovation”. So, a one-stop-shop scenario featuring four fantastic local businesses under one roof? We’re officially listening…

The sporadically-bustling, oft-sleepy little ski town has been home for Casey Crawford for over 20 years. Taking advantage of the nationwide market crash of 2008, Casey made the savvy choice to snap up a bit of real estate on the famed thoroughfare. She remembered how inspired she’d been by the collaborative spaces she’d seen in Europe and decided she wanted to recreate that at 509 Main Street.

This is perhaps the physical manifestation of “good things coming in small packages...”

Casey used her background in retail to create a clothing shop stocked with products from companies that have values similar to her own: sustainability, quality, giving back, and staying true to one’s roots. She’s constantly on the lookout for fresh, new brands, and allows those that have become established to move on to a bigger market. Once the shop began to thrive, she was ready to start her corporate commune.

Billy Cregger moved to PC from Orange County, CA in 2009 for a change of pace. With a lineage of successful barbers in his family, he decided to pursue his interest (and, arguably, his birthright) and get his barber license. The shop officially opened in 2013, and with his signature “Billy Cuts,” he quickly built a name for himself. With success came expansion, and Billy happily invited two more barbers, Jorge and Terry, to share his small-scale shop.

The third piece of Casey’s masterful puzzle came to her by way of a haircut. When Mitch Baker sat down in Billy’s chair, the conversation found itself focused on the small-batch (as in “5 lbs. at a time” small) roasting company Mitch shared with his wife, Kelley. It was called Pink Elephant (a nod to Jack London), and they’d been selling to local Park City spots, like Ritual Chocolate, since they began roasting as a hobby four years prior. Knowing how desperately in-need of an artisanal coffee shop Main Street was, Casey asked Mitch and Kelley to join her growing band of merry misfits. At last, the pair had a space to showcase their globally-sourced beans, and—at last—Main Street had a coffee shop.

Chasing the (possibly caffeine-induced) high of the newly-scooped Pink Elephant portion of her biz, Casey knew that there was one more ingredient to add to the mix. Enter Jenifer, Casey’s sister and holistic and wellness guru. Using influences from experts in the field, she found simple, clean, and easy ways of getting all things healthy and healing into the body. For Jenifer, there is no compromise. She uses only glass bottles and top-notch, 100% organic ingredients (all the way down to the turmeric). Jenifer jumped at the chance to join Casey’s co-op, and you can find her deliciously-nutritious concoctions on the top floor of 509 Main.

While each their own entity, every co. in this scant spot is connected by one
crucial cornerstone:

The desire to create a friendly, innovate, all-inclusive atmosphere for Park City locals and out of state-patrons alike. Dreamed up and nestled on PC’s central street, 509 Main is a venerable lesson in all things interdependency and entrepreneurship--one that’s well worth a visit.

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