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Construction on 15 Main is quickly nearing its completion so, for those of you with your eye on these Ballpark-beauties, we thought we’d offer a bit of an update. As facades go up and finishing touches go in, we can’t help but become even more enamored with this sleek, new spot. The exterior has taken shape and is just waiting for a coat or two of stucco, and, inside, a couple of units have already seen their walls painted, cabinetry installed, and flooring laid.

Home stretch, indeed.

At this point, it’s safe to say that, aesthetically speaking, these row houses are as stylish and clean as they come.

At this point, it’s safe to say that, aesthetically speaking, these row houses are as clean and stylish as they come. The project is currently listed on the MLS and offers will start to be accepted on September 29th, which is also when the celebratory open house is slated to go down.

Want to get a jump on things?

Give agent Paul Svendsen a call at (801) 441-8563 should you have additional questions or wish to set up a construction site visit.

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