Katie Bald

Assistant to the Regional Editor - 801.584.9104
Katie Bald is a fervent fighter for the rights of the Oxford comma and a practitioner of the pop-culture pen. That is to say -- as a very regular contributor to our COLLECTIVE blog -- she'll be sprinkling most of her well-written stories with either hip-hop lyrics or movie quotes. As our editor's right-hand gal, Katie will aid in whipping the copy on our site into tip-top shape. An English graduate of the University of Utah, this bird is a firm believer in the Ray Bradbury school of thought: says he, "You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.”
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Kerri Fukui
Updates + Love Notes
Local Resources | Helpful Links
4/8/2020 | Katie Bald
The way that our local communities have stepped up in the face of this crisis is beyond admirable. As such, we’ve done our best to compile a list of some of the amazing, innovative ways you can help-or-be-helped where SLC and its surroundings are concerned...
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Kerri Fukui
Updates + Love Notes
COVID-19 | Care Package of Content
4/7/2020 | Katie Bald
Yes, we're still open for business, though "open" means something a little different these days. We're still selling and designing, but we're also working to compile local resources, e-reading lists, free online classes, and other fun and helpful stuff to help you navigate these strange days...
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Updates + Love Notes
"Home Movies" | Watch List
4/2/2020 | Editeam
Sometimes comfort (or distraction...or inspiration) is found in homes other than those in which we currently reside, and we're always game for some movie-based #housegoals conversation...
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