Jenny Compton

Transaction Coordinator - 801.661.2759
Jenny Compton runs officially as the established keeper of our proverbial gates. Satisfaction isn’t something that everyone experiences on the job--Jenny attains it by identifying the unique method by which she can genuinely help every client that crosses her practiced path. With more than 15 years in the real estate game, she's amassed a vast knowledge of industry jargon and the contractual minutiae that accompany each and every home transaction. She’s the indispensable force behind the indispensable force, and she’s cloaked permanently in a pile of paperwork. That she rifles through it with unfailing poise and a disarming smile…well, that’s just the icing on this tried-and-true cake.
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Granary Row | Pop-Up Market
6/13/2013 | Jenny Compton
We're more than COLLECTIVELY curious about this. It's called Granary Row, and it's probably going to play a substantial role in revitalizing a worthwhile section of our city. We'll leave it to the folks behind this idea to best explain what's happening: according to the official Facebook page, "I...
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Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
Businesses + Events
Rescue Mission of Salt Lake
9/3/2012 | Jenny Compton
Dear Client Family, On behalf of the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake, we're COLLECTIVELY reaching out to you for help. Winter's en route, and the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake is gearing up for their annual effort to collect used clothing -- particularly warm, winter clothing
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