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Wear It With Pride

  • June 9, 2010


    Summer finally showed this last weekend with impeccable timing. Last year’s Gay Pride festivities were overcast and rainy, and it’s never advisable to dampen a fabulous wig. Thank god we made it to sunny and 80 degrees. It was perfect for a Pre-Pride Pool Party a la Pond. I love it when people look good; when they actually wear what they wear. If you can do that, the clothes don’t really matter. So, it goes without saying, that I ADORE it when what they wear happens to be next to nothing.

    My friends showed up in unpredictable poolside garb; fabulous heels, roller skates, silky robes, short, short short-shorts (trust me, the repetition is necessary). It was amazing and perfect. The norm is a snooze. Lose the board shorts and t-shirt, and make an attempt to stand out in some way. Summer’s here, people. Put it on.



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