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Water Tower High

  • November 17, 2011


    I love shooting whatever it is that makes a community its own. Typically, they’re the things that locals tend to overlook or take for granted in the repetitive day-to-day. The mountains, the skyline, a particularly high number of locals who prefer to pedal to work; they’re city-specific, varied, and mostly unappreciated. I’ve noted several since I first moved to this city…one of them is our water towers.

    We’ve got some incredible water towers that speak to the age and progression of Salt Lake. Assorted in size, placement and condition, they’re not always salient…you have to look. Here are some of my favorites. If anyone’s got others in mind – something off the beaten path – I’d love to know.

    Trolley Square | 600 S. 700 E. | For years, it displayed local weather forecasts based on the color of its neon lights.

    Hidden Gem | 1 Block East of State St | Tucked away behind Edison near a charming, tree-lined alley.

    Bold & Industrial | 2500 S. West Temple | Towering and highly-visible, along side I-80.





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