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Virginia Street | So Very Suite

  • August 2, 2016


    List Price: 2,350,000.00 2,200,000.00

    Neighborhood: Federal Heights

    Property Profile: 8,000 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 5 bath

    Our Opinion: Hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand low-whistles. “Good lord,” “OMG,” and “have mer-say” all come to mind, but we’ll settle squarely on “for sale” to sum this one up. Yes, the rumors are true: this insanely beautiful Federal Heights head-turner (which you may remember from its feature as a Place of Worship!) is officially up for grabs, and we’re COLLECTIVELY beside ourselves to see our pretty lil’ sign planted firmly in its front yard. From the street, this space is striking (and keep-your-eyes-on-the-road at its most hazardous). A towering, modern masterpiece, the hillside home has been lovingly crafted from the ground up. That is to say, it’s completely custom. Looking for cookie cutter? Keep walkin’. From the entry (a massive, pivoting door of steel and redwood slats), you’re warmly welcomed into a standing ovation-worthy entryway. Vaulted ceilings, windows, and a floor-to-ceiling limestone wall that transitions from outside to in swimmingly. The wall of windows (energy-efficient, no less) opens almost completely, making the living room and back patio one fabulously fluid space. The aforementioned floor-to-ceiling limestone wall, which appears again in the living room, spills out onto the patio and continues along the exterior of the home (continuity at its finest, people). This is indoor/outdoor living oriented around one central gathering space. An entertainer’s reverie, the kitchen stands alone as a work of pitch-perfect craftsmanship. The marble countertop was procured from a quarry in Florence, and the result is nothing short of transcendent–but it’s the custom backsplash that undoubtedly steals the show. The cabinets and closets are forged from wood salvaged from an old water tower at Kennecott, meaning they’re riddled with watermarks, mineral lines, and nail and screw impressions. Essentially: they’re perfectly imperfect. Perfectly perfect, though, is the street which this saintly structure sits on. Quiet, cozy, and with city views you wouldn’t dream of shaking a stick at. Add a drool worthy backyard (and the totally hidden-from-plain sight pool) and it’s all urban oasis. Call it “organic glam.” Call it “killer views + total privacy.” Call us up. Then call it “home.”

    Contact Cody Derrick at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

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