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“This Little Light of Mine”

  • June 14, 2011


    A couple of years ago, I met Tyler Tuft.  He’s pretty incredible.  Tyler’s a lover of life and a fan of beauty in all its forms.  He’s one of Salt Lake’s residents that reminds me we have as much to offer in the world of design and creation as any big city.  And, lucky for us, he’s giving beauty a physical form of its own.  Tyler designs lights, and simply put he’s doing it right.

    I was impressed with Tyler’s work; so much so, that I decided to do a photo shoot…with a broken back.  He came over, lights in tow.  They’re a practice in perfect balance.  He’s nailed it with so many of his creations.  In his own opinion, his line is like the Muppets; each design has its own personality, but they work really well with one another.  I strive for original, out-there creations that have the potential to make people re-think design, purpose and beauty, he says.  Done, and done, I say.  I’m gonna let it shine.

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