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The Brumbies

  • September 6, 2011


    We have a plethora of reasons for keeping this blog; primarily though, because we’re certain that our city is amazing. Salt Lake’s culture, architecture, growth and individuals are worth writing about, and we’re adamant that everyone know it.  It’s precisely why I jumped on the opportunity to write about James and crew.

    The Brumbies are a local band made up of James Hardy, Joe Plummer, Zack Hardy and John Avila. To put it lightly, they’re adding depth, character and diversity to Salt Lake.  Their sound is a self-described mix of rock, reggae, western and hip-hop.  Many know James as a yoga instructor at Centered City Yoga, and might be surprised to see said yogi working it out on a slightly louder stage than usual.  I love what these guys are doing…so I couldn’t resist offering theCOLLECTIVE services to showcase the goods.  My objective:  to get a few shots for their album, showing the world the realistic embodiment of “yin yang rocker yogi”.

    You can catch The Brumbies at their upcoming shows.

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