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Tastemakers 2014 | Wrap Up

  • June 24, 2014


    A tad overdue, yes…but we couldn’t help saying something about this year’s Tastemakers event. Once again–and as we’ve come to expect–our COLLECTIVE buds were well satiated. As ever, a bevy of local joints made it possible for event goers to try any and everything they craved for a couple of beautiful evenings downtown. Sure, we always love the VIP tent, wherein we’re able to consume wines and beers and other such magic [Frida Bistro]. But the myriad tents along the street also serve up wee delights worth swooning over. This is where those wise enough to attend a few weeks ago found the likes of Caffe Niche, Copper Bowl, and Del Mar al Lago, to name a few, peddling delicious treats for all. Lucky us, we were able to do a touch of strolling, as well–each year a handful of local joints join in on the fun, half of which is just walkin’ around the city. And this is where Caffe Molise, Alamexo, Market Street, and Squatters [among others] were also handing out bites. We shouldn’t have to keep saying this, but we will: join us next year, kids…and come hungry.

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