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Take a Break | A Teaser

  • May 29, 2014


    We’ve been hired to help Alan and Ali sell their Daybreak house so that they can return to their [and our] beloved city. Sure, we’re partial to our downtown proximity, but it’s certainly not for everyone, and this home has some incredible features that you’re not going to find in the city [think: walking distance to a lake]. Once we took a peek inside this fabulous casa, we immediately called our peeps [okay, text], grabbed our bocce set and headed out west for a bang up, Memorial Day Weekend summer BBQ. Take a look-see at our photos. Envy the home’s smart design. Lust after all that fried chicken. Just don’t be bitter you weren’t invited: for  just $359,000 [on the market officially tomorrow], you can call this GREEN home yours and throw your own damned summer bash. And if you ring us up [okay, text] we’ll bring the sangria.

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