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Avenues Cottage | A Preview…

  • April 22, 2016


    It’s just not fair. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves at how utterly lucky we are to be in the company of such utterly fabulous folk. The taste, talent, and tender-lovin’ hearts of our COLLECTIVE clients is enough to keep us shouting out our gratitude with alarming regularity (have you seen this blog?). And sometimes we find ourselves in the presence of one such individual whose heart, soul, and interior aesthetic is so in-tune with our own, we think it must be kismet. This particularly-lovely lady, who boasts some seriously impressive design credentials from back east, owns a particularly stunning cottage in the Aves, and invited us over for a friendly gathering of 50 of her closest. This is the cozy, dreamy, English countryside-type space that we spend our summer days dreaming of: those posies, those original details, that timeless exterior. To entertain in this space would be sublime, and we’re ever-so-tickled to be teaming up with the lovely lady in the (very near) future. Like we said: it’s just not fair.

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