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Salt Lake Street

Heather Christensen | Caffe Niche

A floppy hat to make you weak in the knees. How appropriate.


Benjamin Wiemeyer | Rose Wagner

Graffiti artist and refined gent. Never judge a man by his medium.


Nic Annette Miller | Warehouse Dist.

A work of art beneath her work of art. Hello, yellow.


Jake Gunderson | Revolv Launch

We’re breaking our ‘street’ rule, just this once. Because, really…god damn.


Matt Ballou | Cafe on 1st

What’s red and black and warm all over?


Kent Miller | 3rd & 3rd

A casual call to Fall with a particularly delightful whip.


Amy Tibbals | cityhome on 7th

Look who ‘mustard’ up the courage to get her photo taken.


Megan Beckham | Art Meets Fashion

The collar, the belt, the whole getup makes us melt.


Brandi Llewelyn | Walk on 9th

Breezy…delivered with taste.


Cody Derrick | cityhome Office

Our COLLECTIVE curator, quietly airing a command for more than design.


Mark Seely | Trolley Square

Our tallest drink of whiskey, clad in plaid.


Olivia Henrie | Fice Alley

Vertical stripes worth envying.