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Salt Lake Street

Lauren Bald | Street Style

Sweet Sonny Crockett and Mr. T…someone’s ready to kick ass in 1984.



Chantelle, Evan, Kim | Street

I think we found a new standard for the term ‘triple-threat’.


Neda Kobasijevic | Concept Gallery

Black on black on black on blonde. Approved.


Collin + Abbey | Street

I spy with my little eye, no less than three prints on this duo. *Sigh.


Grant + Emily | After Dark

This is how you do ‘blazin’ hot’ with a double entendre.



Gayle + Chris | Atlantic Cafe

Double damn. Gaze at ‘em on our site, and listen to ‘em on hers. gayleskidmore.com


Andrea Beecher | Grizzly Bear

Our designer, Andrea, coiffed to perfection…not unlike the spaces she creates.


Kara Altman | Coffee Garden

The print on the skirt is flawless, but we can’t take our eyes off that bra.


Brooks Hall | 3rd Ave

Channeling Duckie Dale was never a bad idea. “May I admire you again today?”


Vivian Arthus | Twilight Series

She was probably trying to keep cool, but she failed, ’cause this is HOT.


Lisa Elin Craighead | South Temple

Sweet Lita FORD…this is how you properly mix ‘business’ with ‘pleasure’.


Annie Hansen | Bar X

The only way to make this 4th-of-July shot cuter would have been to put two sparklers in her hands. Damn it.