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Salt Lake Street

Jess + Nata | Foothill

Our COLLECTIVE photogs; amazing behind the lens, fantastic in front of it.


Josh Strauther | 9th & 9th

Precisely the kind of ensemble that makes us fall for fall.



Jennifer Belz | S. Temple

Fall time in those togs…mighty fine choice for walkin’ the dogs.



SuAn Chow | Publik

This ensemb is every bit as tasty as the food truck she created.


Maria Lee | Gallivan Center

Said one Ms. Coco Chanel, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”



Rhea Maynes | Farmer’s Market

She’s among our very favorite Farmer’s Market finds, this one.

Street Style-2


Dustin Stokes | Our House

Buying a house never looked so god damn good. Hats off to this guy.



Sara Peterson | CHC HQ

Our long-time client and pal, proving herself to be the best possible welcome to Spring.



The Linfords | CHC HQ

People keep asking why we’re so obsessed with our clients. And we’re like, “duh.”



Hank LaDrank | The Garage

We suspect it ain’t his real name, but god damn…that’s real style.



Marc Anthony Hatsis | CHC HQ

Our handsome client, airing a keen authority for the dapper realm.



Katie Bald | South Temple

Colorless, rainy days call for simplicity. It really does reign supreme.