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Steve & Cynthia’s Ed Dreier

  • April 11, 2013


    Salt Lake’s got more than a few savvy and sophisticated locals who know a jewel of a mid-century when they see it — Steve Downes and Cynthia Levinthal happen to be two of them. Given that Ed Dreier arrived in SLC in the early 50′s, we can venture a good guess that this 1952 build was one of his very first [confirmation since received -- it was his 2nd]. When the home hit the market a few years ago, an offer was made with the intent of a large-scale remodel, excavation for a pool, and some significant change to the original design. Praise be to the modern gods, the quiet neighborhood of 9th & 9th [on Gilmer drive] was in an uproar about the unwelcome adjustments. In the end, as with all good love stories, Steve and Cynthia swooped in, got the house, and saved the day. The flat roof lines, simplistic modern exterior, and large, continuous windows that are characteristic of Dreier’s designs have all been preserved, but they’ve also done some lovely and mindful work to further open up the interior. Their intention was to enjoy the home in the way Ed might have wanted it to be enjoyed; to that end, they’ll continue to soak in the simplicity and thoughtfulness of the design via natural sunlight and endless views along side the indoor tree that’s been growing — foyer to second-floor skylight — since 1952. As with Mr. Dreier, Steve and Cynthia prefer that the indoor/outdoor lines be a little blurred.




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