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Staging Sells

  • March 5, 2014


    There’s an easy way for sellers to compete in a buyer’s market, folks. Simply, show the space to its greatest potential via staging.

    cityhomeCOLLECTIVE staging services are the surefire answer to this. Fact: buyers tend to stay in a vacant property for an average of five minutes…this compared to approximately 40 minutes in a furnished home. A desirably staged home sells for at least 7% higher than comparable, non-staged homes. Solid statistical data, no doubt, but ultimately our goal is creating an environment that invites the buyer to live in your client’s space.

    We set ourselves apart from other staging businesses by creating unique and well thought-out spaces [a few pieces of proof below]. We break the “showroom look” boundary. We create spaces that are at ease and livable. We incorporate historical character and distinctive qualities, and we have a wide range of furniture to ensure that our design is in tune with the overall feel of the home. Call us. We’ll get it done.

    See more of our staging projects here. Contact Andrea Beecher for additional questions or to schedule a consultation | 801.450.3677

    Downtown-Salt-Lake-Modern-Urban-Loft-Condo-For-Sale-6 Salt-Lake-City-Design-Staging-Ron-Molen-Westshire-House-20 Millcreek-Salt-Lake-Mid-Century-Home-for-Sale-11



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