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It’s Spring! | You Oughta Sell!

  • April 21, 2016


    You’ve heard it a million times before. Ya’ know, Spring has sprung! Time to sell! Act fast!, and all that jazz. Thing is, it’s not just words, folks. The SLC market is poppin’ right now, and it seems we couldn’t hold on to a listing if we tried. Bungalows, mid-mods, cottages, starter homes, condos, duplexes–they’re all getting snatched up in record time by buyers that are ready to move, like, yesterday. In case you didn’t know, we know a thing or two about selling homes (and on average, we sell our listings faster than those listed with other Salt Lake Brokerages, and we’re locally-owned and -operated…win, win). Whether you’ve got a home you’ve been thinking of selling, or you’re ready to cash in on that rental or investment property you’ve been sitting on, now’s the time. No matter what neighborhood, square footage, price range, or style, we got buyers that are ready to snap up your space and make their own. So, you know…Act fast!

    Give us a ring for a free highest-price analysis of your home at 801.718.5555.

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