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The Spoils So Royal

  • October 7, 2015


    List Price: Sold

    Neighborhood: Sandy

    Property Profile: 4,144 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 baths

    Our Opinion: This bit of splendor on Royal Lane is–we assume–enough to whet your appetite for all things fine in a home. The location is a good start, being perched very near Willow Creek Country Club and Big Cottonwood Canyon, but you’ll be afforded sweet, sweet privacy on the lane (ideal for an evening stroll about the neighborhood). This exclusive and gated community boasts homes with an average price of over $1M, so the buyer of this lovely spot is a lucky one, indeed. The entry is abundant with natural light, and we’ll always applaud a bright, white kitchen like this one (picture: Mr. Clean sidled up to the bar with a glass of milk). From your cookery, you’ll have a perfect view of your guests huddled around the fireplace in that cozy main room; but should they want to step outside to roast a few ‘mallows, they’ll have easy access to the lovely back deck. Shrouded in woodland privacy, they’ll be plenty warm out there, as the BBQ and heater are both piped for gas. The main suite and bathroom are fit for royalty…heated marble floors and counter tops accompany the begging-for-a-bubble-bath tub. Once you’ve bathed (“Calgon, take me away!“) and put on that velvety robe, you can mosey into the private sitting room, complete with mountain views. Downstairs, you’ll find plenty of additional space for any and all guests, a quiet workspace, or just a good old-fashioned Halloween party (wet-bar included). Either way, this one’s royally stacked.

    Listing courtesy of: Vonda Flanders, Realtypath LLC | 801-597-8700

    2383-royal-lane-vflanders-1 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-40 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-39 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-17 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-41 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-15 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-16 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-33 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-31 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-34 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-22 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-20 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-19 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-24 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-26 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-28 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-29 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-42 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-11 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-10 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-8 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-6 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-5 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-48 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-44 2383-royal-lane-vflanders-45



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