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SL Modern Tour | Do Some Good

  • May 29, 2014


    Attention all you citizens, philanthropists, modern enthusiasts, and local businesses: SL Modern is still looking for a few good sponsors for this year’s Modern Homes Tour in the Aves, which will be happening on Saturday, June 14th. Sponsorship starts at $500 and it certainly does go a long way. Not only will it help to offset event costs [a.k.a. all those pesky things that enable us to see stellar SLC homes], but it also supports the mission of Utah Heritage Foundation and its Salt Lake Modern Committee to preserve, protect, and promote Utah’s historic built environment [huge, huge rounds of applause]. The point: these folks are doing some seriously incredible things for our city and all its incredible structures. Let’s rally and do what we can to help. If you’re interested in being a sponsor or a volunteer at this year’s event, please contact us by tomorrow Friday, May 30. In return, you’ll be recognized in tour signage and on SL Modern’s website and newsletter. And you’ll get a big fat COLLECTIVE hug of gratitude. Watch for a more official event preview next week.

    Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-1 Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-2013-17 Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-2013-3 Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-2013-2 Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-2013-9 Salt-Lake-Modern-Home-Tour-2013-5



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