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SL Mag | Dining Awards

  • February 25, 2014


    A brief reminder: our city is positively bursting at the seems with good food and drink.

    Salt Lake Magazine didn’t forget, so they hosted another year of bang-up dining awards. The annual celebration of all things damn delicious in this town — emceed by the spectacular Mary Malouf — kicked off with awards such as “Best Breakfast” [Caffe Niche], “Best Neighborhood Restaurant” [our fave neighbors, Avenues Bistro on Third], and “Best Japanese” [Naked Fish]. Also taking home the gold: BTG Wine Bar for “Best Wine List” [watch for a blog on that joint very soon], Alamexo for “Best Mexican Restaurant/Best New Restaurant”, Eva’s Bakery for “Best Bakery”, and Pago [woooo!] for “Best Restaurant”.

    The ceremony was held at The Leonardo, and beverages were aplenty, courtesy of the good folks at Vine Lore, Libation, and Church & State [to name a few]. We took a very compact handful of shots [see previous sentence for list of booze vendors/distractors], but a complete list of the winningest eateries and accompanying photos can be seen here. And please refrain from drooling on your keyboard.

    salt-lake-mag-dining-awards-2014-1 salt-lake-mag-dining-awards-2014-3 salt-lake-mag-dining-awards-2014-7 salt-lake-mag-dining-awards-2014-group1 salt-lake-mag-dining-awards-2014-10



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