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Serenity Now | A Teaser

  • May 30, 2014


    In our years of connecting folks with homes, we’ve learned that people and their spaces hold an interesting dynamic. At times, a person can enter a room and completely alter the atmosphere–but often it’s the space that influences the person. It is possible for a space to hold such a potent aura that it permeates into anyone who enters it and alters their state of being. We’ve found a hidden gem up on 5th Ave that has just this effect. We’re not sure if it’s the terraced yard of flowering aromas, the winding grapevines or the sunlight that beams through the southern windows and casts a golden glow on the original woodwork. Maybe it’s the porch swing that begs you to sit or the twinkling bistro lights in the back that invite you to stay all evening. Whatever the sublime cause may be, this space will deliver you to a state of complete serenity. Translation: you’ll want to bask in this all day err’day…and lucky for you, this serene scene can be all yours for as long as you like. Hitting the market next week. Keep a close watch.

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