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Doussantz | It Ain’t a Cronut

  • August 15, 2013


    SLC’s Answer to the Cronut

    For those not in-the-know on the latest to hit the New York pastry scene, allow us to give you the proverbial 411: a few short weeks ago, a Parisian pastry chef with a Manhattan bakery introduced the Cronut. It’s a love match between a flaky croissant and a deep-fried doughnut that apparently sent a booming shock-wave through the streets of the city, the reverberations of which have yet to stop. Since the Cronut’s inception, the bakery has emptied their shelves to lines of anxious hopefuls every day, eventually going so far as to limit purchases to two per customer, so as to ensure the goods reach far and wide.

    Our response? Two local caterers, Dana Johannessen and Darlene Madison — unable to taste a Cronut anytime soon — set out to re-create the delicacies on their own. “We actually made a mistake while trying to reproduce them and only discovered later,” says Madison, “the original Cronut is made of croissant dough that is fried like a doughnut. We rolled both croissant dough layers and doughnut layers together in our experiment.” Lucky mistake. Once the ladies tasted what they’d done, they realized the perfect error and christened them ‘Doussantz’ [which Johannessen coined]. Say the gals, “When cutting them into doughnut-shaped rounds, we could not imagine wasting all that precious dough, so we decided to make them square…more can only be better when it comes to something so gloriously good!”

    cityhomeCOLLECTIVE got a first taste of these babies on Friday…and we’re sternly telling you to get in line. To that end, a special DOUSSANTZ launch will be held on the 30th, 31st, & 1st [that's tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday, yo] in the parking lot behind our building, hosted by The Little Blue Bistro [food truck extraordinaire] at 9:00 a.m. Find a way to get here, pals. You want this in your mouth.

    Eat a DOUSSANT | July 30th, 31st, & Aug. 1st, 9am | 645 E South Temple




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