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Saint Cloud | Love Where You Work

  • May 7, 2014


    There really is no shortage of amazing things happening in our city, be they in the world of design, food, art, or film production. Helping these artists create a landing pad for their respective crafts is just one of many reasons I’ve stuck around my hometown [insert “S.L.C.!” chant here]. One of our most recent design projects was a cool-as-hell office design for the folks at Saint Cloud, one of the aforementioned local film production companies. In collaborating with Jared Harris, Julian Acosta, and Cole Webley [Hollar! A COLLECTIVE client!] of Saint Cloud, we got to create an office space that killed several rad birds with one crystal cool stone: it’s a spot where they can feel at home, host clients with a touch of pride, and express their personal style, which is at the heart of this creative powerhouse. The fellers managed to land a killer office space on the newly reborn Main Street. Seated in the historic Kearns Building, they lucked out with exposed brick and high, exposed ceilings and the like; it’s a space with a ton of character and potential, which happens to bode very well for this creative gang of raconteurs. In their very words, “We believe in the story — it facilitates connection. Connection breeds collaboration, and we thrive on the vision that emerges as writers, producers, and directors clamor for the best in each and in all.” Adoring sigh. They get it.

    Some of the elements they sought out are evident in the beautiful shots below. Take, for example, the three-dimensional wall installation with Mad Men-esque molding and mid-mod chairs standing at attention in front.  Yesss. Note also the shag rug and clean-lined tufted sofa. Mmm hmm. A white lacquer coffee table with layers that swivel, for one of those unexpected artistic elements. Gawd. An abstract “stick” sculpture that mimics the Saint Cloud logo…and my pièce de résistance, two floor-to-ceiling wood room dividers on which we custom printed the actual Saint Cloud logo. Right tasty. This allowed the main space to be divided into two functioning areas: a lounge space for more casual meetings/waiting area for clients, and a conference area for presentations and more formal gatherings. It’s a small office, but like any functioning outfit and the people inside, this space had to wear a lot of hats. I’d say it’s killing every last one with a jaunty tilt.

    Saint Cloud | 136 S Main St., Ste. A-403 | 801.550.8085

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