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Root’d | Park City Boutique

  • January 8, 2015


    We’re pretty enthusiastic singers of praise for our loftily-perched sister town, Park City. Historically, however, the majority of design in this little ski/Sundance paradise could probably be described by your definition of “cabin in the woods”: clunky beams, mounted heads and varied animal hides, and thick, iron joinery. You get the picture. Enter a spot like Root’d on Main Street and things begin to change. More than one person to walk through the doors of this delightfully-crowded furniture and interior design boutique have described it as a breath of fresh air for P.C. It’s an eclectic but luxurious mix of drool-worthy design elements. Think: quartz-stoppered glass carafes, gilt skulls [that's called taking a cliché and making it cool], and a wide array of well-sourced furniture, textiles, and jewelry. Owner, Melissa Berry, has a keen eye for the intersection of luxury, quirk, and beauty–a junction at which we find ourselves quite frequently [and quite happily]. The upstairs doubles as a showroom for the Root’d design division; it’s packed with row upon row of fabric swatches, beds, settees, pendants, mirrors, and throws. It’s like a candy store for the renovation-minded. A delicious, delicious candy store.

    In short, Root’d is pulling off what any good, privately-owned boutique should: it manages to be a sort of anti-chain. A curation of goods that truly can’t be found anywhere else. It’s an important element to Berry and her colleagues, Hope Chappelle, Molly Duke, and Jade Clements. Keenly aware of Park City’s impending development, and the likely onslaught of chains, a small company with a staff of four feels important. As does the sly dismissal of an aesthetic that’s had its time. Well done, we say. We’re Root’ding for you.

    Root’d | 596 Main St., Park City | 435.214.7791

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