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Top of the World

  • June 9, 2014


    List Price: Sold

    Neighborhood: Cottonwood Heights

    Property Profile: 3,330 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 4 bath

    Our Opinion: Who among us doesn’t want to live on Top of the World? If you like this casa, then you’re in luck, because that will feel like your vantage point [and it also happens to be the actual name of the street]. Tastefully updated, clean lines, new carpet, and more balconies than you can shake a stick at, for starters. Aside from the magical fact that each and every bedroom features its own little outdoor oasis, this baby has a new roof, to top [get it?]. Gorgeous, wide-plank hardwood floors in the wide-open living and dining areas set the tone for the rest of the fab home. Plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms with a walk-out basement family room make this place supremely functional. And the tip-topper? A multitude of dreamy layers of entertainment spaces overlooking your welcoming backyard landscape, fire pit and all.

    Contact Leigh Anne Bernal at cityhomeCOLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.244.7255

    8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-2 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-3 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-15 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-16 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-14 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-13 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-32 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-31 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-11 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-128324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-10 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-30 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-33 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-34 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-35 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-36 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-37 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-38 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-39 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-28 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-29 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-27 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-22 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-23 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-24 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-26 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-9 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-18 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-17 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-6 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-5 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-8 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-20 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-21 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-7 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-4 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-1 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-49 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-50 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-48 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-47 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-46 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-42 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-43 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-41 8324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-458324-s-top-of-the-world-drive-44





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