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  • April 9, 2016


    Amongst the slew of sensational artistic organizations in this fine town stands the Repertory Dance Theatre–the nation’s “oldest and most successful repertory dance company”–which has been kicking ass and grand jeté-ing with ease since 1966. As far as groundbreaking and boundary-pushing expression goes, RDT ranks among the best and brightest in our COLLECTIVE eyes, and this year marks lucky #50 for the group (50! Story to come on one of her founding members very soon). In celebration of all things expression and such a momentous birthday, RDT is hosting a tribute to choreographer José Limón. The show is entitled REVERE and comprised of two parts: Suite from MAZURKAS (an ode to the heroic spirit and cities of Poland), and MISSA BREVIS (a “memento to human resilience and the cities destroyed during World War II). The famed choreographer’s work has been “a part of RDT’s vast repertory since 1967″, and they’ll be performing the pieces, accompanied by live music and “choral artists from Salt Lake Vocal Artists, conducted by Brady Allred; a world-renowned pianist from Russia, Vassily Primakov; guest dancers from the University of Utah; and organist Brian Mathias,” all as a bow, curtsy, and round of applause to a true dance legend. RDT is an amazing addition to our salty art scene, and they’ve been actively moving and shaking since way back. Diversity, community, and a celebration of the arts. It’s plum perfect.

    RDT Presents REVERE | April 14th-16th, 7:30pm | Rose Wagner Theater, 138 W Broadway

    Purchase tickets here




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