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Quint-Essentials | Papered Planes

  • January 12, 2017


    Welcome to the latest installment of Quint-Essentials–our COLLECTIVE way to bring you five of our favorite home-y things. Think of this as a truncated gist of the goods that we’ve sold, designed, or featured; this is all the best stuff in rapid-fire format. In Quints past we’ve brought you some of our top tubs, some truly oasis-like pools, and a few of our favorite sensational fireplaces. Though the subjects of today’s Quints are a bit flatter in nature, boring they are not. Yes, in this list we’re bringing you some showstopping wallpaper–fine examples of those times wherein less does not necessarily equal more. Take a look at a few paste-ups done oh-so-right below.

    1) Straight from the Camera. No, really. What makes this wallpaper so very appealing is the fact that it’s little more than an image from your very own camera. Cody Derrick’s former home on Apollo Drive was just at the foot of Mount Olympus, but the main living space (facing northwest and all) didn’t get to take advantage of those tasty mountain views. His answer? Snap a shot of said hulking mountain, drain a touch of color (to achieve a monochromatic look), and have it printed up for the space. Views. Voila.

    apollo-dr_094 apollo-dr_089

    2) Tanzania by Thibaut. Isn’t it lovely to look upon a wall covered in such exquisitely-placed dots? The entry of a recent design project we completed, this small bit of the interior isn’t so much understated as it is perfectly stated. Says our lead designer on the project, “We were going for whimsy…with style and class.” Between the black door, the minimal artwork, and those pink heels, we’re feeling easy-breezy-sexy just looking at it. This, dear friends, is the definition of a good first impression. And on your way out, a last one.

    eckhauser-design-12 eckhauser-design-11

    3) Dark Floral by Ellie Cashman. Oh, you’ve seen this one. We’ve all seen this one. It’s a project near and dear to our COLLECTIVE hearts. Lining the walls of Finca’s three private rooms is a wallpaper that’s made for loving. A massive, looming wall of flowers…bold and multidimensional AF, to be certain, and the perfect backdrop for romantic tapas or a photo shoot. We chose this paper before we chose the paint in this project, and rightly so. It’s equal parts intoxicating and moody. The perfect bouquet.

    finca-design-32 finca-design-34

    4) Lines (Dark Blue) by Ferm Living. Geometry in its finest form. Another of our recently finished design projects, this office is small but striking, thanks to the wallpaper. Between the deep, delicious blue and thin lines of metallic gold, we’re squarely smitten (math jokes). What’s more, we decided to open up and separate said office from the main living space with glass walls…so the view can be taken in from the couch or kitchen. There’s something to be said for transparent design.

    mancheski-design-10 mancheski-design-22

    5) Merian Palm by Timorous Beasties. We partnered with one of the HSL’s owners, Melissa Gray, to design this restaurant space, and in doing so, ultimately landed on something that we’d never have accomplished alone. Yes, the menu here is everything, but one of our favorite features is the wallpaper that lines the two large, circular booths in the back. Palm leaves and pops of bright flowers lend themselves perfectly to the Tulum/jungle/meditative vibe we wanted. It’s green on green on green….a monochromatic, beachy dream.

    hsl-design-15 hsl-design-19











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