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Q Clothing Quickie

  • November 11, 2011


    Q Clothing is owned and operated by two unique Salt Lake originals; Amber Espanet, fashionista and urban mama, and Annie Quan, whose blood runs thick with industry experience. The two met serendipitously while working at previous jobs, and what they’ve built is now celebrating its 5th year in business. In the heart of downtown, on 3rd & 3rd, Q Clothing is stocked with a dreamy selection for the daily what to wear dilemma. They’ve got exclusive, eco-friendly lines such as Skunkfunk [out of Spain], and the shop’s wall space features a new, local artist each month.  There are voices in the basement…other locals working on custom wardrobes for photo shoots and film sets.

    Gravy:  bring in your used clothing during November and December, and get 1% off your purchase for each item, up to 25%. Good work, Amber and Annie – we need more locals like you.

    Q Clothing Boutique | 215 E. Broadway | 801.474.2000



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