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Local Profile: Adam Compton

  • July 22, 2010


    This is Adam. He makes me salivate. But I’m not being dirty. He’s a sushi chef. I recently asked Adam to roll for a small employee-appreciation gathering I hosted, and he proceeded to blow every mind there. He’s nothing short of incredible, and it made me realize – again – how rad it is when someone really does what they do; when they love it, when they learn about it, when they take pride in it and when they clearly get shit right.

    Adam’s interest in sushi sprouted organically…in Japan in the early 90′s. Then he worked on some fishing vessels in the likes of Alaska and San Diego. Then he spent a little time rolling in nearly every sushi joint you’ve ever heard of. Then he made some amazing rolls for my mouth. Again…i’m not being dirty.

    I admire it. Adam’s not rolling to work; it’s just the opposite. Go get a bite. You can find him at Sushi Blue in Kimball Junction. Adam Compton: he’s the bald one making magic happen. You can also chat with him about sushi-ing up your own private parties. senorcompton@hotmail.com or call 801.680.4361.

    Adam Compton  |  senorcompton@hotmail.com  |  801.680.4361



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