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  • 1577-east-2100-south-available-2
  • 2100 South | Parkside Paragon

    List Price: 1,000,000.00 Neighborhood: Sugar House Property Profile: 3,902 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 3 bath Our Opinion: Ho. Ly. Shit. We warned you this was a-comin', and the wait is officially over. Mode...READ MORE

  • 2274-s-800-e-price-reduced-1
  • Cutie Pie Cottage

    List Price: 365,000.00 350,000.00 Neighborhood: Sugar House   Property Profile: 2,819 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 2 bath Our Opinion: Oh, we always get giddy over Victorian cottages, and this investor'...READ MORE

  • 350-south-200-east-704-available-2
  • Metro #704 | Seventh (Floor) Wonder

    List Price: 235,000.00 Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 763 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: Drumroll, please. This Metro unit is tucked high into the 7th floor and positively bursting ...READ MORE

  • 360-w-300-s-218-under-contract-2
  • Broadway Park | Two One Eight

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 383 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath Our Opinion: Let’s have a chat about our carbon footprint, shall we? Do you drive further than you...READ MORE

  • 2313-sugar-leaf-ln-available-2
  • Sugar Leaf Lane | Naturally Sweet

    List Price: 550,000.00 Neighborhood: Millcreek Property Profile: 3,148 sq. ft. | 4 bed, 3.5 bath Our Opinion: So, you're looking for neat 'n' tidy, are you? You're looking for tip-top shape? You'r...READ MORE

  • 360-w-300-s-420-available-2
  • Broadway Park | Four Two Zero

    List Price: 280,000.00 Neighborhood: Downtown Property Profile: 694 sq. ft. | 2 bed, 1.5 bath Our Opinion: Yes, we've got two of these little doozies available, and you should count yourself luck...READ MORE

  • 310-n-700-w-available-1
  • Marmalade | Townhome Cookin’

    List Price: 325,000.00 Neighborhood: Marmalade Property Profile: 1,854 sq. ft. | 3 bed, 3.5 bath Our Opinion: This tidy little townhome (located just west of Red Rock Brewery's Beer Store and just...READ MORE

  • 2057-lincoln-lane-available-1
  • Lincoln Lane | Honestly!

    List Price: 450,000.00 Neighborhood: Holladay Property Profile: 3,581 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: This vintage, butterfly be-roofed beauty in Holladay is sporting outdoor space for days, m...READ MORE

  • 467-n-palisades-dr-available-1
  • One Way, Orem Other…

    List Price: 675,000.00 Neighborhood: Orem Property Profile: 6,469 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 4 bath Our Opinion: This stunner on Palisades is pretty much the perfect fusion of people friendly and formal e...READ MORE

  • 8346-mesa-drive-available-1
  • Mesa Drive | Man Alive!

    Price: 369,000.00 Neighborhood: Sandy Property Profile: 3,150 sq ft | 6 bed, 3 bath Our Opinion: A picture may be worth 1,000 words, but we've got plenty of both, so we'll start with "spacious". Be...READ MORE

  • 8058-south-1400-east-under-contract-1
  • 8058 S 1400 E | Oh, Sandy…

    List Price: Under Contract Neighborhood: Sandy Property Profile: 2,538 sq. ft. | 5 bed, 3 bath Our Opinion: Pride of ownership, you say? Why, it's here by the bushel. This charming Sandy casa has b...READ MORE

  • 1061-S-Temple-price-reduced-1
  • 1061 E So. Temple | Neighborly Thing

    List Price: 750,000.00  675,000.00 Neighborhood: The Avenues Property Profile: 4,695 sq. ft. | 6 bed, 6 bath Our Opinion: For those of you jonesing to be our neighbors (really, this should be all ...READ MORE