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Development Representation

We’re expert in condo sales, to be sure.

Collectively, we’re thorough; en masse, we operate with backgrounds in corporate finance and degrees in interior design, interpersonal communication, business and others. Our expertise is made manifest by comparison; where others lack market knowledge, pricing or product needs, we provide a plethora of experience. Our in-house designers and property consultants are ripe to direct build-out and completion of unfinished projects, as well as development- and asset-management of bank-or developer-owned properties.

We have successfully re-branded and revitalized failing developments, due, in large part, to our creative and fresh approach to sales and branding. Our skill set, paired with a proven track record, enables us to holistically approach a non-selling or altogether-failing development project and manage from start to finish. We’ll set realistic and aggressive pricing and see that the development is marketed, listed and sold. Our collective team has the ability to ramp-up quickly to handle your project, regardless of size, and be committed and on-site.

If we’re not the listing brokerage, we’ll offer experienced consulting.

For more information please visit ~ Listing Services

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