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Search the MLS:

The MLS can be a bit elusive. We suggest sitting down with us first to avoid common buyer errors, but act on your own volition. We can guide you at any point in the process.

Home Value:

We’ll be candid about your homes current value, and what can be done to increase it.  We both want it to be as high as possible.  Fill out the form or give us a call.

Buyer Representation:

It’s akin to house therapy. Communicate how you see yourself being supported by your future space, or the ways in which you’re not connected to your current one, and we’ll land on it.

Seller Representation:

We know how to find the people that belong in your space; we start by finding what it was that sparked your interest. Tell us what ignited your initial fervor; how you lived, what you made better.  Then we’ll make someone else fall in love.

Short Sale Representation:

Short sales are taxing, at best. We work on them for our clients because, at times, they’re the best option for everyone involved. Sit down with us to decide whether the lengthy short-sale process is the right decision for you.  If it is, we’ll assist both buyer and seller to make it as painless as we can.


Most Salt Lake agents don’t work with rentals. We think a space holds significance whether you’re finding or leaving it, owning or borrowing. Our commitment to our people is equal.