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Play Tough All You Like…

  • September 15, 2011


    Admittedly, I have a “thing” for twangy, country-sounding music. Especially old-timey stuff, and particularly any style that makes me want to dance. Naturally, you can assume that I loooove this.

    My amazing, bee-raising, beer-brewing, banjo-plucking friends, Brit and Jimmy, introduced me to what is now one of my favorite events. One Friday a month, a rad group of people gathers at the Gleason Woodworking Studio (courtesy of Chris at 630 West and 540 North), where a sawdust-laden floor is then pummeled by happy feet…mine included. It’s a square dance party. And it’s probably NOT what you’d expect. It’s void of formality – but complete with a super casual caller, amazing string bands, optional dress-up and a bring-your-own-beer atmosphere. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it, either; plenty of instruction is given to everyone before they officially start. The group makes it happen with donations from participants that work on a sliding scale, and it’s worth whatever you give. Come with me!

    Keep in touch with me for details on the next one! And if you would like to inquire about the furniture or events at the Gleason Woodworking Studio, contact Chris: chris@interestingfurniture.com



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