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Pierpont | All Aloft

  • November 3, 2014


    List Price: Off Market

    Neighborhood: Downtown

    Property Profile: 570 sq. ft. | 1 bed, 1 bath

    Our Opinion: We love brick. We love adaptive re-use projects. We love small, creative living spaces, and we love lofts. That said, it’s not so surprising that we love this little number in the Pierpont Lofts space. We’ve sold our fair share of these beauties, we’ve been entertained in this building countless times. The verdict? It’s a good space for a good time. Insider tip: when considering a small unit, think about the cubic volume, rather than the square footage; thanks to two floors and extra ceiling height, this unit feels substantially larger than you might expect. And–as with most people who choose a life in the city [here, here!]–a good bit of the choice lies in the walkability…what can you hoof it to within minutes of leaving your four beautiful brick walls? In this case, the list is lengthy [these spots are actually less of a 'walk' and more of a 'stone's throw' from your front door]: Pallet, The Rose Est., Pioneer Park [ahem, Twilight Concert Series and Farmer’s Market], just to name a few. Cody also happens to be working on a little project [the new Finca!] that you’ll be very close to, so there’s that. Take a peek at all the possibilities in the photos below, then ring us up, would ya?

    Contact Cody Derrick at the COLLECTIVE for additional details or to schedule a private showing | 801.718.5555

    346-w-pierpont-ave-5 346-w-pierpont-ave-6 346-w-pierpont-ave-4 346-w-pierpont-ave-2 346-w-pierpont-ave-1 346-w-pierpont-ave-3 346-w-pierpont-ave-7 346-w-pierpont-ave-8 346-w-pierpont-ave-10 346-w-pierpont-ave-9 346-w-pierpont-ave-11 346-w-pierpont-ave-13 346-w-pierpont-ave-12 346-w-pierpont-ave-14outside-pierpont-1




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