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PechaKucha | Volume 9

  • June 3, 2013


    Thursday, June 6th | The State Room (21+) | Doors open 6pm

    Pecha Kucha is back, and you know we’ll be at this one. In case you’ve forgotten, this happens to be one of our city’s more inspired gatherings. It’s an effort to ‘cross-pollinate’ and keep creative professionals and artistic minds in our city connected with fresh ideas and inspiring words via whipper-snapper presentations [20 slides, 20 seconds each]. Intrigued?

    This spring’s PK will see a slew of talented professionals speaking on that which they do/love/believe, so the smart move here is to have your ass firmly planted in a seat at the State Room come Thursday, June 6th. We’re pretty eager to hear what Kirk Huffaker [Utah Heritage Foundation] and Cale Montrone [Revolv Magazine] have to say, but there are plenty of other architects, illustrators, photographers, and artists that’ll undoubtedly blow our COLLECTIVELY-argyle socks off, too. For more info, or to get the scoop on the whiz-bang line-up of speakers, visit the PechaKucha site here.

    Admission: $10 in advance, $15 at the door | The State Room, 638 S State




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