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Pavement-Pounding Party!

  • June 2, 2015


    As we’re hoping many of you know, we’re willing to rep the LGBTQ community in any way we can all 365 days a year. But we’re pretty jazzed about Utah Pride 2015. The opportunity to gather our gang and ballyhoo down our favorite city’s streets in the name of love? Oh, HELL yes. The annual Pride Parade is lovable for many a be-glittered reason (short-shorts, wigs, dancing men, etc.), so this year, we’ve decided to add our own COLLECTIVE congregation to the mix. Yup…we’re walkin’. And we think you should join us.

    This is us, officially extending an ever-loving invite to all of you to march under the banner COLLECTIVE on the morning of Sunday, June 7th and in the name of love. A no-brainer, to be sure…but if you need additional convincing to go boots down the boulevard in the name of brotherly benevolence, then we’ve got tank tops. HOMO IS WHERE THE HEART IS…no mantra aligns more cooly with our daily doings and firm beliefs. Hand us a $10 bill and this breathable, sexy statement piece will be yours for the taking. Then you can walk proudly among we goodly boys and birds, spreading the pixie dust that is equality for all.

    As we see it, the more open minds on the march, the louder our message. If you want to join us in the friendly stomp down 2nd South, then let us know. Email us at the link below and tell us how many in your happy crew and how many shirts you’ll be snatching up for a ten spot (let us know ASAP…we’re limited on how many we can march with!). Once we have more parade details, we’ll shoot you a private email with all the good stuff, including where to pick up your shirt, pre-parade meeting times, and all the reasons we love your freaking face. PRIDE! WOO!

    Yes! I want to go to there!

    Homo Heart



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