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Park Cafe

  • January 20, 2012


    Park Cafe is aces for a plethora of reasons. Here are four that make me crave it every weekend:

    1. Bang-up location – an aptly-named cafe, it sits across the street from one of SLC’s most lovely spots, Liberty Park. Have your breakfast, then have a walk. Or vice-versa.

    2. Stellar service – seriously. Every server I’ve encountered is genuinely friendly [owners included]. They also happen to have a quick draw with the coffee refills, and your order will arrive with surprising speed…always appreciated when you’re hungry. Or hungover.

    3. Amazing food, better price – Case in point, The Single. Eggs, potatoes and toast [plate-scraper good] for under $5. Not the only of its kind.

    4. Coffee while you wait – yes, there’s often a list on the weekends. Don’t fret. Ask for a fresh cup of coffee, then wait outside by the fire. Park Cafe is worth the wait.

    The Park Cafe | 604 E 1300 S | 801.487.1670



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    Chad Rawlins

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