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Now & Again

  • August 15, 2011


    Now & Again:  it’s a vintage furniture- and accessory-consignment shop that opened its door a little over 2 years ago at the corner of 300 South and 500 East [in the old Classic Cleaners factory].  Selling anything from a classic Eames or Wegner, to old movie posters and art pieces, you’ll likely find what you want on any given day.  Michael, the proprietor of Now & Again, lights up when he shows you through the shop.  And, although the designer pieces are exciting, he says, it’s the quirky collectibles that he loves.

    Michael Sanders grew up in Philly, where he gained an appreciation and a passion for all things vintage and modern. When he moved to New York, he put that passion to work.  For years, he procured and arranged unique objects in interior spaces; he conceptualized, started and ran restaurants, cocktail lounges and nightclubs.  ”It was fun, but stressful, and I found myself wanting something a little more calm, a little more daylight-oriented, and especially a little fresher”, says Michael.  ”Fresh air, nature and a home to call my own.”  So, on a recent visit, after spending a few fantastic weeks here, meeting loads of great new people, not only did I leave a little piece of my heart in Salt Lake, but I left a little bit of instruction for my real estate agent. Next thing you know, I made an offer on a place and was packing my bags. Michael says he misses the view of the Manhattan skyline, but every time I glance east, I’m awestruck by the natural beauty of the Wasatch Mountain Range. It feels like home!

    We’re glad that Michael chose Salt Lake as his new home, and grateful for his excitement for all things vintage.  Go check it out Now.  You’ll go back Again.

    Now & Again |  501 E 300 S  |  801.364.0664



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