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Neighborhood Love Letter

  • January 1, 2012


    Dear Domain Design/Build,

    9th & 9th area here.  Just wanted to throw a “thank you” your way.  Have you seen me lately?  I’m covet-able, to say the least.  People love me.  And your houses look aMAZing on me.  Seriously…keep up the good work.
    I love your face,
    9th & 9th

    There’s usually a pretty common theme in the gentrification of any neighborhood…like Silverlake, CA…or Williamsburg, NY.  In conjunction with artisan coffee spots and options for locally-focused, organic shopping,  well-designed and sustainable remodels begin to pop up with more frequency.  Thank god for people like the Condits (Tom, Dalton, Jamie and Mike…owners of Domain Design/Build), who have made yet another contribution in this capacity. We think the neighborhood must be grateful, right?

    We were able to find a lot large enough to allow for a rambler, so there’s lots of square footage (3,000+) on the single-floor home.  Good thing…it’ll be nothing short of incredible when it’s finished.  An enclosed, open-air patio will sit in the center of the home, and primarily-glass walls will offer insane natural light.  The lot-size also enabled the Condits to add a roomy, two-car garage with studio/art space above.

    Domain is adamant that three factors need be in place for any eco-friendly home, and that’s where they’re starting.  Excellent insulation, solid windows, and a high-efficiency heating/cooling system are essential in creating a sustainable home.  It’s not yet complete, but you should definitely keep checking in.  We’ll be posting more on this incredible re-build as it comes along.  Awesome work, Condits.  Can’t wait to see more.

    This isn’t Domain’s first addition to the 9th & 9th area; they’ve been at this for years, honing their craft.  You’ve probably made acquaintance with the amazing new build just behind continental cleaners (just east of the Coffee Garden).  Lucky for the neighborhood, this home will feature the same eye on clean lines and sustainability; a theme that runs through every domain home.



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