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Farm to Glass | On Your Ass

  • October 1, 2014


    Throughout the month of September, we’re hoping you had the sense to get a Lyft and do some ‘bar hopping’ in the name of delicious, artisinal drinking. Thanks to Salt Lake Magazine, you certainly could have. The Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest has seen mixologists from some of our favorite restaurants and bars in SLC whipping up original sippers based on seasonal ingredients from local farms…and we really hope you took advantage. Cocktails such as the Jack Rabbit Fix, Bad Thyming, the Real Dill, the Gin Angel, and Forbidden Harvest came from some of our city’s most bad-ass bartenders. Participants included Pallet, Zest, Copper Common, Takashi, BTG, Caffe Niche, Rye, and 10 others. So you can trust that every drink was worth trying.

    Officially, the contest is over. Ballots are in, and we assume votes are being counted…but you still have a shot at tasting some of the entries. On Sunday, October 5th, there will be a Cocktail Contest Awards Party, hosted in the Ice House at 430 W 300 N. A few of the favorite cocktails from the competition will be on hand, as well as a few tasty bites from chefs and farmers we adore. Winners will be announced and drinking will commence. BEST original cocktail is a worthy title…you’d better get a taste.

    Salt Lake Magazine Cocktail Contest Awards Party | Sunday, Oct. 5th, 6:00pm to 10:00pm | Ice House, 430 W 300 N | Purchase tickets here

    Salt-Lake-Food-Drink-High-West-Cocktail-Recipe-2 Salt-Lake-Fruit-Share-program-7 Darby-Moore-Doyle-Salt-Lake-Local-Food-Drink-Recipe-10 London-Calling-Cocktail-Recipe-Amy-Bar-X



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