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For Mid-Century-Modern Love

  • October 10, 2012


    If you’re intrigued by what you see already, you’ll be pleased to know it’s only going to get better. This beautiful mid-century modern home has been scooped up by the folks at Muve with the intention of a complete revamp. The aim is to restore her to her original glory, and I’ve been brought aboard [my COLLECTIVE knowledge for and love of this iconic aesthetic in mind] to help ensure that the transformation is an organic one. The home was built in 1961 and still dons much of its original character, including tile work, a terrazzo fireplace, and geometric concrete block. With a resolve to pay homage to and preserve that which makes this style of architecture and design so amazing, we’re now in the idea-and-layout phase of the project. You can start to think ‘aggregate floors and wood paneling’ [the good kind], but we’ll share more specifics as we progress. Should be a peach, this one…we’ll keep an eye out, and let everyone know when it’s available.



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