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Muve Real Estate Team | SLC Remodel

  • December 27, 2012


    Browning Ave. or Bust

    This Sugarhouse bungalow will be the neighborhood peach when the Muve real estate team finishes their remodel at the end of this month. While staying true to its charming, original character, it’s gonna boast some amazing modern details that offer an updated balance. A beautiful, exposed-brick wall in the kitchen will create an incredible focal point. Original hardwood floors are being preserved, as well as an original fireplace with built-ins, and the completely-renovated kitchen and bathrooms will add a polished, fresh layer to the age of the house. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a total of 2,169 sq. ft. of remodeled deliciousness will be available for somewhere around $450k. Given that it also happens to be in the 15th & 15th district of Sugarhouse, it’s going to be a steal. Stay tuned… cityhomeCOLLECTIVE will be staging this space and we think the final product will be well worth seeing.


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    Andrea Beecher

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