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Place of Worship | Dee Wilson

COLLECTIVELY speaking, we tend to live for moments in spaces; small chunks of life wherein we experience an environment that leaves an impression. If you’re paying attention, it may bite with some frequency, actually. A stirring space makes you feel. It inspires you to


Imbue Design | The War On Beige

Imbue:  to inspire or influence thoroughly; to work with a revolutionary spirit. We’ve talked about Imbue Design before (complete rambler rebuild near 9th & 9th). It’s an architectural firm made up of 3 amazing minds – Talvy, Hunter and Matt – who all share


Landform Design Group | LFDG

Landform Design Group [LFDG] is a landscape architecture firm for all spaces, residential and commercial. From roof-top gardens and pools, to small, outdoor spaces that simply need freshening-up,  LFDG sees property as an extension of the home; they create outdoor living environments, rather than landscapes.


Ron Molen Remodel

Marcus and I are pretty sure we’ve pulled together the best-looking and handiest crew possible for our Eastwood remodel, which pleases us to no end, given our obsession with mid-mod and handsome fellas. As many of you know, finding the right creatives, carpenters, and


Sparano + Mooney Architecture

John and Anne make models; that’s what it comes down to. A surprising bottom line, perhaps, given that their homes have been featured in Dwell, Surface, Hinge [just a wee taste of the numerous publications that have featured them, both in the US and abroad], and


RAW Architects

Kinley discovered us, which is both flattering and exciting because we COLLECTIVELY adore being pursued. Given our presence at as many ‘modern’ functions as possible, it’s no surprise he found us at last week’s St. Mary’s Modern Tour. Truth told, we’re glad he did

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